Why do I get regular chiropractic adjustments?

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Most of our patients first come to us because of one simple thing…. pain. Most commonly this is back or neck pain. Fortunately we are pretty good at easing that pain and getting people quickly back on their feet. The really interesting part however usually comes after a month or two, when people suddenly start to realise how great chiropractic can actually make you feel! This is why we feel that regular visits to your chiropractor can be of huge benefit to your overall health. Some of the main benefits are:

  • Chiropractic improves posture: This can have a number of effects, including improved breathing, improved digestion, lower stress levels and less risk of neck and back pain
  • Better sleep: Many of our patients report that after treatment they sleep better, and are more able to get comfortable in bed
  • Better mobility: Chiropractic adjustments restore mobility to stiff joints, increasing your range of motion. This can make you feel more mobile, more agile and less likely to hurt yourself as you go about your daily activities
  • Healthier lifestyle: Your chiropractor will not only look at your spine and how it is working. We assess your health as a whole, and that includes looking at everything from your diet and sleep patterns, through to your exercise routine and work habits (including how you might sit at your desk)

Personally, we make sure that our team is kept in tip top condition with regular adjustments. Below you can see a fun video of Peter and Josh giving each other a good MOT on a Friday morning! When I speak to patients about receiving treatment myself they say “Oh! Do you have back problems?” My answer fortunately is “Not especially”. I do get the odd niggle if I’ve been over doing it, and since chiropractic is quite a physical job, I have to be aware of looking after my body to avoid hurting myself. But I still make sure I get an adjustment every week or two to keep in good shape. Does that mean that without it I will have an inevitable decline into disability? Of course it doesn’t! But I  find that I sleep a lot better, feel less stressed and recover a lot faster if I do get a niggle because of those regular treatments.

I always equate it to exercise. If i visit the gym 3-4 times a week for six months to get fit, I don’t expect to be able to stay at that level of fitness if i then become a couch potato for the next six months. This is a great way to think of chiropractic. If you have just spent three months undergoing a course of treatment to get your body working at its absolute prime, wouldn’t you rather take action to keep it working at that level, rather than waiting for it to get really bad again before seeking further help. That action isn’t just about seeing your chiropractor on a regular basis, we advise all our patients on how to live a healthier life. This includes advice on diet, sleep and exercise; having someone to answer to every few weeks or months makes you much more likely to keep up a healthier way of life and not slip back into bad habits. It is for that reason that people who regularly see a health care provider such as a chiropractor, tend to have a healthier way of life, and more awareness of how their body is working as a whole.