Acupuncture works on the brain (but not in it!)… In this article I have decided to provide you with an overview of acupuncture and hopefully extinguish some of the common myths that surround the ancient procedure, whilst we delve into some of the scientific understanding behind it. Definition of Acupuncture Before we start, just for those of you who have heard little to nothing about acupuncture itself: “The practice of Acupuncture involves placing fine needles into the body in order to elicit a positive change, whether that be a local effect on a muscle, or more of a generalised whole-body effect”.[...]
Poor posture affects a huge number of us in the western world. Increasing use of computers and smart phones means it is only going to increase in the coming years! It can have serious effects on the body including pain, stiffness and headaches, but it doesn’t stop there! Coming up are 6 simple facts everyone should know about posture.   #1 You could be walking around with a small child on your head! Recent research has brought the phenomenon of “Text Neck” into the public eye. This is the forward head posture caused by spending long periods of time looking[...]
It was June 1984 when I graduated as a fresh faced (see below!!) enthusiastic new Chiropractor.  There were only 140 of us in the UK then, and we were considered very ‘fringe’ as a profession.  Indeed many would question whether we were even a profession.  I started working for Michael Copland-Griffiths in Trowbridge, and he was then at the forefront of formalising and modernising the profession.  I remember the challenges and excitement of the campaign for the Chiropractors Act in the early 1990s, and following it’s enactment we had to build the institutions of a regulated profession; now we have[...]
The thoracic spine (the mid back) is region of the spine to which the rib cage attaches. It is naturally the least mobile area of the spine, in order to protect the fragile organs contained within the thorax- namely the heart and lungs. However for the majority of the population, it is even less mobile than it should be. The primary reason for this is that we all spend far too much time sitting, particularly working on the computer. The consequence of this is that the we tend to sit with a flexed posture and rounded shoulders, and more importantly[...]
Migraines affect a huge number of people to varying degrees. Many people suffer regular migraines for years, and this can have a serious effect on quality of life. They can impact your physical and emotional well being, as a direct result of the pain. Along side this, the debilitating nature of some migraines can have secondary effects, such as regular absences from work or school. Here at Dixon Health, we have found chiropractic can be of great help to those suffering with migraines. The reasons for this are multifactorial: Firstly many migraines are related to dysfunction of the neck, especially[...]
For the last 30 years we have been treating patients in Bath and North Wiltshire and we now have a very good track record in dealing with muscular and skeletal problems, from pain (both chronic and acute) to prevention of further injury and enhancing general performance.  I was part of the medical team that looked after the athletes at the London 2012 Olympic Games and there we were not treating acute pain much (thank goodness) but helping the competitors get the best out of their performances; fractions of a second can mean the difference between a medal and no medal.[...]