Heidi Dale




Heidi’s chiropractic experience started when she was 13. As a competitive swimmer she was unable to train or compete due to a shoulder injury. She was amazed to see how quickly she was able to gain control of pain levels and then with rehabilitation how quickly she could get back swimming competitively. Heidi has enjoyed observing the benefits that chiropractic treatment provides for individuals and how it can improve their quality of life.

Heidi graduated with a Distinction from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic. She enjoys treating people of all ages, helping them get back and keep doing what they love. She uses various techniques including functional muscle testing, diversified adjusting, activator, dry needling and taping to get the best results possible for her patients.

Heidi enjoys an active lifestyle. She has participated in many activities from swimming, CrossFit, surfing, sailing, skiing and many more. She can often be seen playing hockey of a weekend for Keynsham Hockey Club or exploring the surrounding areas. She therefore understands the importance of speedy recovery.