Migraines affect a huge number of people to varying degrees. Many people suffer regular migraines for years, and this can have a serious effect on quality of life. They can impact your physical and emotional well being, as a direct result of the pain. Along side this, the debilitating nature of some migraines can have secondary effects, such as regular absences from work or school.

Here at Dixon Health, we have found chiropractic can be of great help to those suffering with migraines. The reasons for this are multifactorial: Firstly many migraines are related to dysfunction of the neck, especially the upper vertebrae. Chiropractic manipulation to the affected levels, as well as other techniques, can alleviate this dysfunction and the symptoms that accompany it. It has also been found that many people find stress to be a trigger or aggravating factor for their migraines; chiropractic treatment as well as targetted health and lifestyle advice can have a beneficial effect on stress levels.

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