Meet Lucy- the newest member of the Dixon Health team

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Hello all!  I am the new Chiropractor Lucy Rodwell. I am delighted to be joining such a great team at Dixon Health and look forward being a contributor to this blog.

I was brought up just outside Devizes, where my parents still live, and I now live in Bath.  I started working with Dixon Health just before Christmas in both the Devizes and Bradford-on-Avon clinics.

In addition to my work with Dixon Health, I have done a post-graduate course and am practicing for some of the time as an animal chiropractor treating horses and dogs.  This was where my awareness and interest in chiropractic began at the age of 14, when I had a Chiropractor to see my horses.  I owe a lot to her for spending the time to explain chiropractic and the treatments, as well as how to go about training after A-levels.  At the time I remember trying to find a way of skipping out the ‘human training’, but I am now very grateful for the good advice.  The clinical skills we develop during the extensive ‘human’ chiropractic training are fundamental to the approach we take with four-legged patients.  Although my initial aim was to become a horse chiropractor, I would never now give up my human practice.  Despite the incredible effects of chiropractic on horses, the life changing effects chiropractic can have on a person’s life is something difficult to match.  Before qualifying I also saw first hand the difference Peter and other chiropractors at Dixon Health made to my family members when they were in pain.  

People are often bemused by the thought of chiropractic on a horse due to the sheer size of these animals.  I have to admit I was a little sceptical when I began the training, even though I already had experience of the amazing effects of chiropractic on people.  However, after treating horses for only a few weeks I was seeing the same results.  The animal course I attended was open to both human chiropractors as well as veterinarians.  It was a fascinating experience to observe ‘medically-minded’ vets, with little or no experience of chiropractic, learning about how chiropractic works.  Many had only signed up for the first of five modules to ‘see if they liked it’.  After the first module they were all amazed and signed up for the rest.  Many said that they have changed the way they look at treating a horse since completing the course.  They understand the huge impact of the nervous system on the musculoskeletal system and the changes that chiropractic can create.  This is very advantageous to have vets learning about chiropractic and practicing alongside us.

Equine chiropractic goes hand in hand with the treatment of riders as there is commonly a correlation between the horse and rider’s problems mechanically.  When I have been to yards where there is one rider who trains multiple horses, they usually have a similar pattern of compensations in the spine.  I have a particular interest in sports chiropractic having participated in many different sports during my life, including a range of equine sports.  However I also gain much satisfaction from helping the general public and seeing huge improvement in those wishing to seek pain relief care without the use of commonly used drugs, and surgeries which are not always necessary.  Of course there will always be a place for medicine and surgery for those who need it.  Chiropractic is not a substitute for medicine, however an increase in awareness of the effects of and indications for chiropractic treatment is vital for correct referral and reduction in unnecessary medical intervention which could be helped by conservative treatment.