Chiropractic and Wellbeing

Chiropractic is about returning the body to its natural state of optimum health. Chiropractic specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and overall management of conditions that are due to problems with joints, ligaments, tendons and nerves, especially related to the spine without the use of drugs or surgery.  As well as healing physical aches and pains, chiropractic treatment promotes wellness in an individual’s whole body and mind.

When the path of the central nervous system is blocked due to spinal misalignment, the symptoms can include joint pain, muscle pain and headaches. Misalignment can also manifest itself in ways you wouldn’t think to associate with the health of your spine, such as low energy levels and lack of sleep. 

At Dixon Health we aim to help you achieve and maintain a high level of wellbeing and health. Our chiropractic team will take care of your spine and restore a natural balance to your central nervous system to enable the healthy function of your body.