Sports Performance

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Whether you are training for a charity fun run or competing at the highest level, your performance and enjoyment levels can improve massively with chiropractic treatment.

 At Dixon Health we can work with you to enhance your performance by improving the mechanics of your muscles and joints and the nerves supplying them. Many sportspeople see significant improvements in performance after consulting a chiropractor – in fact, a lot of top sport teams and people now travel with a chiropractor.

To find out more about how we can help books an appointment and a member of our chiropractic team will discuss with you your sporting life, medical history, posture and lifestyle before carrying out a full examination.  They will make a diagnosis and discuss an individual treatment programme.

Sports Injuries

Participating in sport and undertaking regular exercise is beneficial to your general health but can sometimes lead to injury. Sports injuries can be traumatic, commonly resulting in sprains and strains or chronic overuse in nature. We can treat the injury directly to settle the presenting symptoms. Biomechanical assessment looking at muscle imbalance, myofascial mobility and joint alignment can identify the possible cause of the problem. Addressing the cause of the symptoms is the key to preventing a recurrence of the condition in the future and long-term management.

Injury Prevention

Joints are protected from injury by your muscles. When excess strain is detected, your muscles contract to protect the joint from injury. The speed and effectiveness of this response relies on a healthy and fully functioning nervous system. Regular adjustments can help to ensure your nervous system functions at its full capacity, so your muscles can get on with the job of protecting you from injury.


A huge part of chiropractic treatment is about preventing the recurrence of pains and problems. Rehabilitative exercises are an effective way to strengthen an injured area, improve your flexibility and prevent future flare-ups.

At Dixon Health we want to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. So we design appropriate rehabilitation plans to help improve strength and stability to the back and work alongside your chiropractic treatments.

Our rehabilitation programs are tailored to you. They are specifically designed to promote muscular strength and flexibility, reduce the risk of recurrent injury and enhance your sporting performance.