Chiropractic Awareness Week- Working hard for your back

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This week (11th-17th April) is Chiropractic Awareness Week. This week the theme is “Working hard for your back”. Did you know that in the South West 43% of back and neck pain suffers have taken time off work due to their pain. On top of this 40% report that sitting at work in the same position contributes to their pain. Despite this one in five workers admits to doing nothing to actively look after their neck or back.

Work habits these days aren’t helping matters… more and more people are spending the vast majority of their day sat in front of computers. Factor in the fact that more and more people are working from home where they are less likely to have a properly set up work space (and might even be working from a laptop sat on the sofa or in bed!) and you have a perfect storm for an unhappy spine!

We have some quick guidelines you can use to help look after your spine, taking proactive action to prevent problems rather than simply waiting for things to go wrong! And don’t forget that our team of chiropractors are always on hand to help you stay mobile and prevent problems, as well as having the skills to get you back on track when things do go off the rails. And for Chiropractic Awareness Week only we also have some deals available, both for new patients and existing patients who send any of their friends and family our way! Just scroll to the bottom of this page for further details.

Keep moving!

Taking regular breaks while your working not only helps to prevent stiffness- a major cause of back pain- but also improves circulation meaning your body and brain can work more efficiently and effectively. Try to move every 30 minutes. You don’t need to be out hiking for miles, just walk across the office for a glass of water, or stand up and walk around while you are on the phone. Moving your printer out of reach can be a great way of subconsciously increasing your movement through the day.

Be computer compatible

Having a proper work space set up can make all the difference in avoiding poor posture and strenuous sitting positions which can lead to increased stress and strain on the body. The following quick adjustments are a great place to start:

  • Bring your computer screen up so the top of the screen is level with your eyes
  • Tilt your chair forwards so your thighs are pointing downwards (i.e. your knees are below the level of your hips)
  • Keep your feet flat on the floor

Don’t let it slip when working from home

If you are working from home it is important to set yourself aside a work space with a decent chair. Working from the dining table, sofa or sitting in bed will lead to poor posture and increased strain on the muscles and joints in your back and neck. A few cheap additions to your office space will make a huge difference:

  • A wireless mouse and keyboard for your laptop will mean you won’t be as tempted to move closer and closer to the screen- this can lead to you working in a very hunched posture for long periods which your back is not likely to thank you for!
  • A laptop stand then allows you to raise the level of your laptop so the top of the screen is at eye level. Again this will help to avoid hunching over to see the screen
  • If you don’t want to invest in a stand a stack of heavy books (such as the yellow pages) can also be used to raise the level of your screen up

Chiropractic Awareness Week

Sit up straight

Good posture keeps your back in the position that nature intended. This means that the weight of your head and body is transmitted straight through the spine and the discs between the vertebrae, rather than muscles and ligaments at the back of the vertebrae. This avoids muscle strain and ultimately pain. Forward head posture is common but can cause neck pain and headaches if left uncorrected. As the head moves forwards in relation to the shoulders, the amount of weight carried by the neck increases dramatically. At 60 degrees of neck flexion the neck is effectively carrying 60lb that’s the weight of a small child!

And finally to help us raise awareness of chiropractic and the wonderful benefits it can bring, we are reducing our new patient initial appointment fees by 50% for Chiropractic Awareness Week only- thats just £22.50 for a full consultation and your first treatment. On top of that any of our existing patients who send their friends our way will be entitled to one of the following great deals:

Offer 1

Two half price appointments in the next 6 months

Offer 2

If you are on a prepaid package of treatment we will add an extra treatment to that block for FREE!

Offer 3

Buy a prepaid pack of 10 treatments and we will give you an extra one on the house!

Thats £45 worth of savings, just for introducing a friend to Dixon Health. So don’t wait, spread the word!!