Injury prevention

The what Every few years there seems to be a different trend that catches on in the health and fitness industry. In the last few years a simple, but very effective technique called foam rolling has become very popular. As the name suggests, this self treatment method involves rolling a body part up and down over a tube of foam in order to relieve pain, reduce muscle tightness and improve mobility. As I recommend it to at least 75% of patients I see, I thought I would run through some techniques and a bit of the reasoning behind it. If done correctly it[...]
Acupuncture works on the brain (but not in it!)… In this article I have decided to provide you with an overview of acupuncture and hopefully extinguish some of the common myths that surround the ancient procedure, whilst we delve into some of the scientific understanding behind it. Definition of Acupuncture Before we start, just for those of you who have heard little to nothing about acupuncture itself: “The practice of Acupuncture involves placing fine needles into the body in order to elicit a positive change, whether that be a local effect on a muscle, or more of a generalised whole-body effect”.[...]
This week the Queen turned 90 and you have to say she has managed to stay (or at least appears to have stayed) very healthy as she has gone through her later years. We have an ageing population in the UK and as people start to live longer we have to take a good look at what we want ageing to mean. It is all well and good living a long life, but surely the quality of those years is far more important. Anyone who has been watching “How to stay young” with Angela Rippon on BBC will have seen[...]
This week (11th-17th April) is Chiropractic Awareness Week. This week the theme is “Working hard for your back”. Did you know that in the South West 43% of back and neck pain suffers have taken time off work due to their pain. On top of this 40% report that sitting at work in the same position contributes to their pain. Despite this one in five workers admits to doing nothing to actively look after their neck or back. Work habits these days aren’t helping matters… more and more people are spending the vast majority of their day sat in front[...]
Enjoy your time in the garden this spring with these 5 top tips from chiropractor Josh Dixon As the days get a little longer, and more and more stuff starts to pop out of the ground you may find yourself itching to get out in the garden or hesitant to get out there for fear of the effects the day after. Gardening can be an extremely satisfying and therapeutic activity as well as a great source of exercise helping to keep you more active and more healthy. For some however it is a daunting task which inevitably leads to days,[...]
Around 90% of runners actually run with a heel strike technique and recently this seems to have received much attention. We do know that the heavier the heel strike, the greater the shock that is produced between the heel-bone and the ground, as opposed to a forefoot strike, (landing on the balls of the feet), that results in a more cushioned stride. Excessive shock then passes up through the leg and body and must be absorbed elsewhere, which can result in injury at joints other than just the ankle. But changing from a heel strike to a forefoot technique can[...]
Thats right, here at Dixon Health, we are having a New Years sale. Starting Boxing Day, we are giving out a whole host of amazing deals on our chiropractic services including 20% off all chiropractic treatment, thats for all patients, new and existing, a 20% reduction in the fees you pay. On top of that, if you buy a block of ten treatments, you’ll only pay for 9, and you’ll still get 20% off on those 9. That works out as a saving of up to £170! Finally for new patients, we are offering the chance to bring a friend along[...]
The thoracic spine (the mid back) is region of the spine to which the rib cage attaches. It is naturally the least mobile area of the spine, in order to protect the fragile organs contained within the thorax- namely the heart and lungs. However for the majority of the population, it is even less mobile than it should be. The primary reason for this is that we all spend far too much time sitting, particularly working on the computer. The consequence of this is that the we tend to sit with a flexed posture and rounded shoulders, and more importantly[...]