Welcome to part two of our series on weight management. In the last episode I explained how our bodies convert excess calories into fat, and the dangers this can bring to your health. Christmas can be a time of plenty, and calories are no exception to this. It’s the time of year we say to ourselves ‘oh go on then, it’s Christmas after all’ when we’re offered another chocolate. However, this series is about managing our weight, so in this episode I shall try and give you some helpful hints about how to enjoy yourselves, whilst at the same time being[...]
Here at Dixon Health, the majority of our patients come to see us for help managing musculoskeletal pain and injuries. In order to effectively manage these complaints, we often need to address lifestyle changes, which can be a major contributing factor to things such as lower back pain and headaches. Some of our main areas of focus are often diet and exercise. Changes here can improve overall physical health, mental wellbeing and encourage weight loss, which can all be important in better pain management. We wanted to bring you a series of blogs centred around nutrition and lifestyle, with a[...]
The squat is hands down one of the most fundamental movement patterns we have as human beings. If you don’t believe me, watch a small child playing. Their natural resting position when playing with a toy is a beautiful, natural deep squat. No one has taught them how to do this, and in the west it is very unlikely they have copied an adult, it is part of our DNA. So why do so many people struggle with this most fundamental movement pattern? Let me give you a clue: That’s right… once again it’s a chance for us to bang[...]
Gemma’s story For anyone who caught “Doctor in the house” last week on BBC One, you will have seen the story of Gemma, who’s life and health was being completely dominated by disabling cluster headaches, also known as suicide headaches. These headaches were affecting her throughout her day and were incredibly disabling. It demonstrated the overall effect that being in pain can have on your life and your relationships. She was finding that her relationships with her husband and children were being affected by the regular attacks, and you could see the concern and distress which it caused her whole family. For[...]
A research study has recently come out, gaining a bit of attention in the media and on social media. It caught our eye because it is all about the effectiveness of ibuprofen in treating back pain. The results of the study showed that whilst ibuprofen is effective in the treatment of back pain, the difference between the drug group and the placebo group were not statistically significant. In simple terms this means that whilst those people taking Ibuprofen did improve overall, the improvement was not significantly greater than those taking a placebo, or sugar pill. This has echoes of a[...]
It’s that time again! Time to dig out the school jumper, dust off the pencil case and get ready for homework, dirty PE kit and grubby knees. One thing you may not have thought about is how well your child’s spine is equipped to deal with the stresses and strains of going back to school. New school year, new challenges for the body The start of the school year brings a number of challenges, not least of which is the stress that can be put on the body. To go from an active summer spent outside, to sitting in a[...]
We all suffer some level of stress. It has got the point where it is so common we consider it normal. In fact I don’t think many people would say that they live a completely stress free life. Let me start by saying this… stress is not a bad thing, it’s a completely natural process which activates our “fight/flight response” which we have used for millennia to help us deal with and potentially escape dangerous or harmful situations. In fact it’s been one of the keys to our survival on this planet. Just think you are walking around hunting and[...]
This week the Queen turned 90 and you have to say she has managed to stay (or at least appears to have stayed) very healthy as she has gone through her later years. We have an ageing population in the UK and as people start to live longer we have to take a good look at what we want ageing to mean. It is all well and good living a long life, but surely the quality of those years is far more important. Anyone who has been watching “How to stay young” with Angela Rippon on BBC will have seen[...]
This week (11th-17th April) is Chiropractic Awareness Week. This week the theme is “Working hard for your back”. Did you know that in the South West 43% of back and neck pain suffers have taken time off work due to their pain. On top of this 40% report that sitting at work in the same position contributes to their pain. Despite this one in five workers admits to doing nothing to actively look after their neck or back. Work habits these days aren’t helping matters… more and more people are spending the vast majority of their day sat in front[...]
Enjoy your time in the garden this spring with these 5 top tips from chiropractor Josh Dixon As the days get a little longer, and more and more stuff starts to pop out of the ground you may find yourself itching to get out in the garden or hesitant to get out there for fear of the effects the day after. Gardening can be an extremely satisfying and therapeutic activity as well as a great source of exercise helping to keep you more active and more healthy. For some however it is a daunting task which inevitably leads to days,[...]