An Asian Christmas

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Two and a half weeks in Malaysia and Cambodia over Christmas was brilliant, and thanks to Josh we knew the practice was in good hands. After recovering from the flight in Kuala Lumpur for a couple of days we had three days on the beach in Langkawi, which was very spoiling. Then back to KL for Christmas with my brother’s family and some other cousins, before flying to Cambodia on Boxing Day. We saw the sunrise over the temple at Ankor Wat and then set off on a 32 km cycle ride around the temple complex. The site is over 100 Sq Km, much of it still undiscovered, so a real adventure even if we did get a little ‘templed out’. On the second day we set off into the Cambodian countryside past fields of lotus flowers, newly planted paddy fields, and local villages. All on dirt roads, and a real insight into rural Cambodia. Real poverty, but the locals were very welcoming and keen to sell us stuff without being pushy. Great food, but some of the cooked insects were best avoided. After 30 Km we stopped for lunch and I found myself running a temporary clinic easing the aches and pains of twelve hours in the saddle over two days, much to the amusement of our guide and the other locals. We finished the day kayaking among floating villages on Tonle Sap, a huge lake north of Phnom Penh, and as I uncurled myself from my canoe I dearly wished that there had been someone there who could treat me!

A fantastic trip, and to my knowledge the first Chiropractic Clinic in Siem Reap, Northern Cambodia.

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