Psychology & Hypnotherapy

Psychology - Lucy Davis

Having worked in the NHS for over fifteen years and expanding her independent practice since 2007, Lucy has a wealth of experience in helping people with their psychological difficulties.  She is trained to work with individuals across the lifespan. Lucy offers a warm, safe and compassionate approach to a range of problems and works with everyone in an individual way according to the nature of the problem brought to therapy and what the individual wants to achieve from therapy.  Whilst working with all psychological presentations (see below), she has a specialist interest in health-related conditions such as chronic pain, personal injury and trauma.

Pain is a subjective experience that affects people’s health, well-being, mood, functioning and everyday life in many different ways.  Working concurrently with conventional medicine and treatment, it has been shown that psychological treatment can expand and enhance the way in which people adjust to and manage their pain, to create a more satisfying and fulfilling quality of life.    

To make an appointment for a psychological assessment, please contact Lucy Davis directly. Tel: 07789 518137 - Email: lucy@psychology-clinic.co.uk


Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of hypnosis, addressing the subconscious as a means of helping a person to resolve problems.

Hypnosis tunes in to the subconscious mind where we store beliefs and behaviours throughout our lives. These are the foundations on which our emotional well-being and personal characteristics are built.

In the state of hypnosis, most people feel relaxed. At the very least, they have feelings of comfort and warmth. Consciousness is not lost, rather it becomes more selective. You enter hypnosis voluntarily, and you are able to hear and speak if necessary.

Hypnotherapy uses this relaxed state to help a client gain control over behaviours, emotions and physical well-being by temporarily bypassing the conscious mind.

The hypnotherapist examines your needs and the reasons for current problems with you. When the conscious part of the mind is totally relaxed, the subconscious becomes more accessible, and so it is possible to address issues like phobias, negative habits and other problems at the roots. Using suggestion, imagery and review of past events to do this can lead to a resolution of problems and powerful changes.