Dixon Health is a keen supporter of local businesses and because of this we are happy to offer corporate deals and discounts for local businesses.  We can provide on-site injury assessments or treatments, or free screenings.  Having a chiropractor visit their work place proves a cost effective way of looking after their staff.

Some of the local business which we work with include:

  • Artisans of Devizes
  • Ed Bodman groundworks
  • Windsmere Stone
  • Simon Davies Shopfitting
  • Flatcappers
  • The Lounges

On-site screening

A free screening can detect employees risk of developing mechanical or postural problems in the future.  A series of questions and tests can pick up areas of tension, reduced mobility or underlying pain.  It is possible to gauge the risk of injury in the future, or the risk of developing chronic postural complaints or arthritis.

Should an issue be detected through one of these assessments then the chiropractor may suggest the following:

  • changing their posture and adapting their desk ergonomics to suit them
  • trying specific stretches and exercises to correct the problem
  • seeing their GP to discuss NHS treatment options
  • visiting the clinic for chiropractic treatment

The chiropractor will not suggest expensive changes to any office equipment, instead they may suggest adapting what is already provided.  Should an employee need follow-up treatment at the clinic, they can claim their treatment on private health insurance or, if they are self-paying, they will be offered a “corporate rate” to help fund their care.

Onsite injury assessment

This is useful for people who are already injured or have pain. Often a rapid assessment and diagnosis can help answer any questions about the injury quickly –saving time and money. Chiropractors are well recognised for back pain, neck pain and postural complaints, however, they can treat a wide range of mechanical complaints from ankle pain to headaches.

A member of the Dixon Health team can visit your premises as a one-off, or at regular intervals to diagnose employee injuries and provide options on how to resolve them.  The session will involve taking a history of the complaint followed by a physical examination.  From this, treatment options can be discussed as well as lifestyle changes and self-help exercises or advice.

Onsite treatment

We can provide onsite treatment for large companies in the area.  Being large companies, it makes it worthwhile for the chiropractor to provide care onsite, rather than getting a number of employees to visit the clinic for treatment.

Each employee wishing to start treatment must undergo an initial consultation, where the complaint is diagnosed and the chiropractor can get a feel of the problem. From here a treatment plan is set out to remedy the problem. The chiropractor will treat the employee at regular intervals until the complaint is resolved.

Treatment is normally paid for by the employee at the time of the treatment (unless they are claiming using private health insurance).What else can we offer?

Corporate rate – We can offer reduce rates for your self-paying employees

Claim using health insurance – should you have an employee health insurance policy, the clinic can organise payment directly with the insurer.

Health talks – we can discuss what employees can do to best look after their posture, joints, muscles and general health.

Employee assessment reports – with the written permission of the employee we can offer the  employer a report and professional opinion on an injury. What is best to avoid, what adaptations can be made in the work place etc.

For more information about how Dixon Health can help your business please call the clinic and ask to speak with Peter Dixon or Josh Dixon.