A chiropractor… having a sale?!?

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Thats right, here at Dixon Health, we are having a New Years sale. Starting Boxing Day, we are giving out a whole host of amazing deals on our chiropractic services including 20% off all chiropractic treatment, thats for all patients, new and existing, a 20% reduction in the fees you pay. On top of that, if you buy a block of ten treatments, you’ll only pay for 9, and you’ll still get 20% off on those 9. That works out as a saving of up to £170! Finally for new patients, we are offering the chance to bring a friend along to your first appointment, and only get charged for one of you. And guess what… you still get a 20% discount on that appointment, meaning you could pay as little as £16.80 for your first appointment, and that includes treatment for both of you!

So why are we giving our services away like this? Well we believe in making a positive change to your lifestyle in order to benefit your health and well being. The first step in that process has to be getting more active, and often the biggest barrier to this is pain. Equally as we do start to get more active, it often throws up niggles, which might end up putting you off carrying through with the positive changes you have made. We know how important a role chiropractic can play in keeping you healthy, as well as injury and pain free. Thats why throughout January we want to help as many people as we can to make a positive, and lasting change.

Through the use of specific Chiropractic adjustments, we can help you to keep moving well, stay well aligned, and optimise the condition and performance of your body. Through exercise and lifestyle advice we can also help you to make that change and improvement last. We want to offer these benefits to everyone, not just our new patients, so that everyone can start 2015 the right way… Healthy! Thats why we are offering the 20% discount to every patient who comes through the clinic.

Call 01225 862140 or 01380 729103 to book your appointment now.