2018 Facebook promotion

Throughout August we are offering £10 off your first appointment when you quote SUMMER18 in the comments section of our online booking page. Alternatively if you prefer to book over the phone just select your nearest clinic from the top of this page and give our receptionist the discount code.

What you get:


This is an opportunity to discuss any complaint you may have with your chiropractor. We will also go through your medical history and past history of any accidents or injuries you may have had. This enables us to really get to the root of your problem so we can not only get you the relief you want, but help to prevent it coming back.


Our full examination looks at how well your joints, muscles and nervous system are working. Where we identify areas of poor function we can then apply the appropriate adjustment or treatment to get the body back to full function.


Once we have completed our consultation and examination we will discuss our findings and how we might be able to help. At this point if chiropractic treatment is appropriate for you we will start treatment straight away to get the best results as fast as possible. This is all included in introductory offer so why wait? Use our online booking form below to get yourself booked in today.

Get your first appointment for just £35 (down from £45). For our full fee guide just click here

Terms and Conditions

  • Offer expires 31st August 2018- new patient appointment must fall within this time frame
  • Excludes appointments with Clinic Director (Peter Dixon)
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