Josh Dixon DC LRCC

Josh Dixon DC LRCC



Growing up in the Dixon household, it was hard for me not to get exposed to chiropractic from a young age. Since graduating from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic I have really enjoyed seeing how we can apply our skills as chiropractors to not only helping people to take control of their pain, but also improving their overall health and wellbeing.

I enjoy working with people from all walks of life and age groups, and encourage my patients to embrace and understand the “four pillars of health”: move well, eat well, sleep well and relax well. Through making small changes to these four areas I have seen my patients get out of pain and achieve health goals they didn’t think were possible. Whether it’s sleeping better, losing weight, reducing your stress levels or simply getting a bit fitter.

I live in Bristol with my wife Lauren and in my spare time I enjoy cooking, music and going to the gym. Over the last few years I have developed a particular interest in strength training. Since starting barbell training I have seen huge benefits, not only in my strength but in my body weight, body fat levels and general health. This has transferred into my professional life where I now enjoy working with lifters from novice through to elite. I firmly believe that chiropractic combined with strength training can hold the key to less pain and better health. So whether you have never picked up a barbell before and would like some advice, or if you are looking to get that edge to reach a new personal best, why not pop in and have a chat.

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